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Charity update for 2017

Walking With The Wounded CEO and co-founder Ed Parker shares an update on the development of the charity’s programmes as we head into 2017.

Home Straight – Our homeless programme

The main focus for Home Straight is employment. Our national network of 14 Employment Advisors (“EAs”), who are embedded in veteran homeless residences and NHS veteran mental health teams, provide a high level of support and advice to their beneficiaries, identifying appropriate career direction, helping with work experience and work placements, as well as providing skills based training.

The EA’s work closely with the individual’s welfare team to ensure the support is integrated. In 2016 nearly 500 veterans have been supported, with close to 200 job outcomes. After six months, 74% were still in work.

In 2017 we hope to add a further 3 EA’s to our network, principally focused on supporting NHS veteran mental health teams.

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Project Nova – Our criminal justice programme

One of the most innovative and progressive programmes for veterans within the Criminal Justice System. Nova is an early intervention and diversionary programme supporting veterans who are in police custody.

The programme is now operating in the North East, North West, South Yorkshire and Humberside and East Anglia. In 2017 we hope to roll out further, with our aim to have national coverage by 2020.

Nearly 1,000 veterans have been referred into Nova during the year, with approximately 40% engaging with our teams. To date we have a re-offending rate for those we engage with of just 4%, well below the national average of 17-18%.

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Head Start – Our mental health programme

WWTW’s mental health programme was launched in mid-2015. A network of 200+ psychotherapists provide one-to-one therapy to veterans using NICE approved therapies. Our aim is to provide timely and accessible care to veterans and their families.

To demonstrate this, the waiting time for a beneficiary to be allocated a therapist is 4½ days from when we receive their consent, and within 10 miles of their home address.

During 2016 Head Start has provided therapy for nearly 300 individuals, which we hope will rise to 500 during 2017.

Head Start is a member of Contact, a veteran mental health consortium which includes Help for Heroes, Combat Stress, the NHS, Big White Wall and the Royal Foundation.

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First Steps – Our training programme

First Steps funds training and education to improve the skills and qualifications for our beneficiaries seeking work.

The programme works very closely with the Benevolent Funds and Regimental Associations which provide matched funds to support the cost of the awards. The average award per beneficiary in 2016 was £2,300.

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