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Thank you to the Royal British Legion

The RBL are supporting our programmes

The Royal British Legion

Providing Help & Support To Service Men & Women And Their Families Since 1921.

In 2018 The Royal British Legion awarded WWTW a £10,000 contribution to the governance of the organisation. Funding a capacity-building project with Trustee training and charity capability guidance.

In March 2017, The Royal British Legion awarded a grant of £66,242 to fund the salary of two Employment Advisors working with veterans in our Project Nova and Home Straight programmes.

During the grant year the funded Manchester IPS Employment Advisor provided advice, guidance and mentoring support to vulnerable veterans within the Military Veterans’ Service, in Bury. They supported over 35 veterans during the year of which 20 veterans secured paid, competitive employment.

The funded East of England Project Nova Adviser supported veterans in Police Custody across East Anglia; providing a custom support package for each veteran to address needs and vulnerabilities for them and their family. Including, but not limited to, helping with housing, mental and physical health, family, social, alcohol/drug dependency, behavioural, training and employment.  Consistently achieving under 4% re-offending.

We are very grateful for the continued support of The Royal British Legion, through their external block grant helping provide services for ‘at risk’ veterans and enabling them to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

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