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Mental Health in WWI

This week we've teamed up with TBNT to talk about mental health...

Treatments for psychological conditions have come a long way from the initial treatments in WWI. 

One of the treatments that Walking With The Wounded offer is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT looks at how you think about a situation and how these thoughts affect the way you behave. The aim is to find the thoughts and behaviours that are unhelpful and work on changing them.

“CBT is great for breaking cycles of our overly negative or anxious thinking/predictions by accessing more balanced thinking and behaviour which in turn improves our mood.” - Rod Eldridge, WWTW Clinical Lead

Walking With The Wounded support ex-servicemen and women who struggle with mild to moderate mental health difficulties. The Head Start programme pairs beneficiaries with a private therapist in just 3 working days from receiving their paperwork and within 7 miles from their home. Being able to deliver rapid, local support is Head Start’s main priority.

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