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PTSD Awareness Day 2018

Frankie urges listeners to educate themselves and to seek the support they need

"My PTSD is a dark, dark demon and I have fought with him many times. I know him well." - Frankie

Today on #PTSDAwarenessDay, Frankie Perez speaks out about mental health. He urges those listening to educate themselves and to seek the support they need if they are suffering.

Frankie is currently walking 1000 miles across the United States as part of the Walk Of America expedition team. He and his follow teammates have all suffered with their mental health as a result of their service. The walk is raising the profile of the invisible wounds of war - the wounds you cannot see, but which are just as important and affecting as physical ones.

The team are also raising funds to ensure that our veterans in both the US and the UK get the best support possible after they leave the armed forces.

Please find out more, follow the team and support them by donating at

Thank you.