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13 biggest walks from WHFC 2016

There are many remarkable stories of all distances from this year’s campaign but here are the exceptional, long haul, efforts taking place.

In no particular order…


1. Laurence Grant: 220 miles – London to N. Yorkshire

Walking from his office at KPMG in London back home, or as he puts it “Walking until I’m wounded”.

In Laurence’s words: “It’s been over two years since I left the army, two years sat in KPMG towers in Canary Wharf slowly getting fatter and less fit. To that end I’ve decided now is the perfect time to walk 220 miles over five days with very little training. (In my mind I am still very much finely tuned military machine), the reality may be somewhat different.” 

Read more and see Laurence’s fundraising page.

2. Mandy Norris: 109 miles, Cleveland Way

Mandy has been on an extraordinary journey to transform her life as she used to be 18 stone. 

See her fundraising page.

UPDATE: after walking for 24 hours in horrible conditions, Mandy and friends called it a day and aim to revisit the walk in July.


3. Adam Conlon: 196 miles, Bath to Belfast

In Adam’s words: “It’s such a brilliant way to raise a bit of cash for a great cause by getting outside, getting a few of your mates together and taking a walk from your office, or school or wherever you want to do it from to your home for Christmas. The only slight issue for me with this is that I live in Bath and I am going back to my parents place in Belfast for Christmas so walking home is actually quite a long way. Plus I have limited amount of time to do it so having the time to walk it is just not possible. So this year in a lapse of concentration I thought to myself ‘Why don’t I try and run it?’

The route? Adam is running from 15 – 20 Dec mostly on canal paths and then catching the ferry across to Belfast doing roughly 60km a day

“It’s been a very long time since I have attempted something that deep down I actually doubt that I will actually be able to complete but hey its worth a crack! I am equally excited and terrified at the same time and so if you would like to join me for a few kilometers to distract me from the actually size of this task and the pain in my legs and lungs Ill be updating my location as I go along so come and join in. It would be awesome to have some company along the way so please give me a shout if you are close by!” 

Read more and see Adam’s fundraising page.


4. Andrew Goadby: 45 miles, North Norfolk Coast Path

Andrew is starting from Hunstanton on 28 December and finishing in Cromer on 30 December.

 Read more and see Andrew’s fundaising page.


5. Simon Duncan: 72 miles, Crossing the Pennines

Inspired by his uncle who works for Walking With The Wounded, Simon is walking 72 miles home from work in Nottingham across the Pennines over 3 days to Bolton.

Read more and see his fundraising page here.


6. Tony Lovegrove: 30 miles, Salisbury to Trowbridge

Tony, one of our employment advisors is walking 30 miles with his daughter from Salisbury to her home in Trowbridge.

Read more and see their fundraising page.

7. Ed Parker and Duncan Slater: 125 miles, London to Norfolk

WWTW’s co-founder and CEO Ed Parker is walking with double leg amputee Duncan Slater back home to Norfolk from central London. The catch? No food, no money and sleeping rough in empathy with the veterans we are supporting.

UPDATE: Their walk had to be abandoned after injury but gave some important perspectives on the campaign.

Read more.


8. Simon Johnson: 30 miles, Litchfield Station to Sutton Coldfield

Last year Simon walked 27.6 miles more than £2,300 on his own so this year recruited a team of six to do 30 miles and amplify his fundraising efforts. 

Read more and see his fundraising page here.


9. Johnny ‘Jock’ Davis: 70 miles, Brixton to Basingstoke

Jock has an extraordinary history of supporting WWTW and Walking Home For Christmas, last year walking 360 miles from Coldstream to London with Harry Bucknall and this year undertaking a 24 hours walk home from Brixton Police Station.

Read more about his efforts this year and see his fundraising page here.


10. Morag Botterill: 56 miles, Bo’ness to Leuchars

Walking from her parents home in Bo’ness, West Lothian to her home at Leuchars Station, Leuchars in Fife in one day.

Read more and see her fundraising page here.


11. Adam Hugill: 220 miles, Warminster to Beverley

A serving Captain in the Yorkshire Regiment is setting off on 15 December from Wiltshire and hoping to be home in time for Christmas in East Yorkshire. He’ll also be sleeping rough as part of his challenge.

Read more and see his fundraising page here.


12. Nick Fernandes: 50 miles, home to Taunton

He’s done it on a bike, but never on foot, so the challenge is on to walk home from work to Taunton. 

Read more and see his fundraising page here.


13. Jon Street: 40 miles, London to Bishops Stortford

For the last two years Jon has walked the 40 miles from his office in London to his home in Bishops Stortford for WWTW. To add a twist he does the whole walk along River and Canal banks and is back for more this year. Thank you!

Read more and see his fundraising page here.


Should your efforts be on this list? If we’ve missed you or you know of someone who should be on here then please email

Thank you to everybody taking part, however far you are walking. Challenges are relative but every pound raised counts.

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