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In memory of Danny Johnston

Establishing a meaningful legacy in his memory.

"Danny was too special to die alone, the way he did, after all he had fought for and against. He deserved happiness and a future, to grow old with a family of his own. The devastation that losing such a special person has caused us is almost too much to cope with and I could not bear the thought of another mother going through this hell. If we can save one life, just one, by raising awareness, then the pain of Danny's death might have some meaning, and there could be no better legacy for him than that." Danny’s mother, Viv Johnston

Danny Johnston served in the PWRR and Special Forces. After he left the Army 3 years ago he struggled to adjust, suffering from mental ill-health, sadly in silence. After leaving his home on 20th May, tragically he was found dead three days later. But Danny’s family don’t want this to be the end of his story. They have launched a campaign to raise £100,000 in his name to support other veterans and their families, funding care and support through Walking With The Wounded’s mental health programmes. We shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.