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Thank you to ABF The Soldiers' Charity

ABF The Soldiers' Charity Grant - £40,000 towards WWTW’s work with Army veterans

The National Charity of the British Army, for soldiers, veterans, and their immediate families, for life.

Thank you to The Soldiers' Charity for their continued support, helping Army families across the UK.

Typically 84% of our beneficiaries are ex-Army, and since December 2016 The Soldiers’ Charity has provide support towards this work through their external block grants helping WWTW to provide services for ‘at risk’ Army veterans. In addition, individual needs of veterans are also being supported by the Individual Regiments and Corps through the CMS system.  

Over the period of ABF support, WWTW programmes have helped nearly 5,000 Army veterans and we are grateful to The Soldiers' Charity for their three grants, namely grants of £40,000 on December 2018,  £60,000 December 2017 and  £40,000 December 2016 £40,000.

We look to The Soldiers' Charity to continue to support this work for future Army veterans accessing the WWTW veteran hubs, employment support and mental health programmes in 2020.

Click here to meet WWTW beneficiary Richard who served for 25 years in the Royal Engineers.