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Hamilton Primary School leads by example

Hamilton Primary School urges others to follow their lead and support the ex-service community

“We knew we were raising money for an important charity, but to find out that our school community will change the lives of five ex-service men and women by enabling them to receive the mental health support they so desperately need is just amazing.  My team brought together the whole school to collectively walk 1,000 miles mirroring what the courageous WWTW veterans are doing during their Walk Of America.  Two WWTW beneficiaries came along to the school to support the children and walk with them during their feat of endurance, which gave the pupils the opportunity to ask questions to those who have served our country. We raised over £2,500 and we know exactly how that money will be spent. I would urge parents, grandparents and carers to approach their child’s school at the beginning of the new school term to see if they can do something similar. Any challenge that brings such tangible benefits to vulnerable veterans is enriching for everyone involved.”

Nick Hutchings, Headteacher – Hamilton Primary School, Essex

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