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War Poetry

We're remembering the fallen through poetry

As 2018 marks 100 years since the end of WWI, we're taking the opportunity to remember the events of the past by sharing some of the excellent poetry written by our supporters. Have a read...

We Close Our Eyes

by Keith

We close our eyes and we see your face

We feel your spirits envelope us 

While at the cenotaphs we take our place

We felt your warmth from the eternal flame this day

And your warmth it made us cry

We close our eyes in silence 

And we remember all that died

We saw your souls on this day dancing in the eternal flame 

The angels tears were falling like a gentle rain 

As each angels tear so touched our cheeks 

Upon our lips we called your name

We feel you in our hearts today

One hundred years ago your mission was complete 

For you have died but you are not gone 

Now beneath the headstones and the poppies 

At peace you now may sleep

As long as our hearts keep beating and as the wind so gently blows

And the angels tears so fall

You will live on in our memories 

For that is all our hearts will ever know

We Will Never Know

by Keith

We will never know the feeling to live beneath the gun

We will never know the anguish

Of the battles lost and won


We will never know the horrors as the bombs fall from the skies

We will never know the fear or the reflection in their eyes


We will never know the feelings in their hearts

We will never know how they slipped away

When their time came to depart


We will never know their sorrow or their tears

We will never know how the seconds felt like years

We will never know the meaning of why these men had to die

We will never know the feeling of the bullets that so fly


The only thing we will ever know

Is the stinging pain the loss

Our loved ones in eternity shall sleep below the cross


The only thing we will ever know

Is only time that we abide

Our time will come to join them

To be for ever at their side


The only thing we will ever know

Is the sadness in the songs

Of these men we lost

Who we buried and are gone


The only thing we shall never feel

Is their hand or more yet a kiss

For as long as we are breathing

Forever you shall be missed


The only thing we have now is the poppies on our chest

The monuments and cenotaphs

To honour those at rest


The only thing we know as we slowly place the wreath

A prayer to all the fallen men

Our love we do bequeath

Inspired? If you have written your own war poetry, please do email them to We would love to share your work around this year's uniquely historical Armistice.