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Meet Joyce

Remembered launch their new series, #TommyStories, ahead of Armistice Day 2018

This week, the force behind this year's extraordinary remembrance campaign There But Not There, are kicking off a new video series, #TommyStories, in the run up to the 100th Armistice Day. Remembered visited five different people, each of whose #ThereButNotThere Tommies are important to them, for different reasons. In their first video, Remembered visit Joyce, whose uncle died in the First World War. Her Tommy also represents her husband’s service and the opportunity to pass on family stories to her grandchildren. 

You can find out more about Remembered and the There But Not There campaign, as well as purchase your very own Tommy, at

Walking With The Wounded is proud to be one of the 6 benefiting charities of the There But Not There campaign. Find out more here.