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One Small Step for Emily

Walking With The Wounded receives fantastic support from our veteran community. Every day they inspire us with their determination, drive and ambition. One such veteran is Emily who was medically discharged from the RAF after serving for six and a half years.

Emily is not alone in this,  around 196 service personnel (6 per 1,000) received medical discharge from the RAF between 2013 and 2018. [1]

Following her medical discharge, Emily struggled with her transition to ‘civvy street.’ However, she notes that the military equip service personnel with a life skills toolbox, “you just have to work out how to use it”.

The biggest physical hurdle for Emily was to have total hip replacement surgery. The operation marked the end of her military career. However, Emily is not giving up. On August 21st, less than 30 days following major surgery, she is undertaking a 5km walk with her daughter to raise funds for WWTW.

A 5km walk is an incredible physical feat for Emily, and we are very grateful to our veteran community who continue to support our charity through amazing fundraising activities. If you would like to donate to Emily’s walk, please click here. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates about the work we do and the veterans we support.