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Duncan Slater to return to the Sahara Desert for the Marathon des Sables

In 2017, Duncan Slater became the first double leg amputee to take the Marathon des Sables. As we mark our 10th Year Anniversary, Duncan is back to mark 10 years since his amputations. In our latest Marathon des Sables series, we find out why Duncan is returning to the desert and how he is getting ready for the race.

1.  This is the third time that you’re taking on the MdS. What has motivated you to return to the desert?

This will be my third time going back, the first was unsuccessful, the second I finished but this time I’m returning because it’s the ten year anniversary of Walking With The Wounded and also my amputations, so I thought why not, it’s the hardest event I’ve ever done so why not go again! I'm also raising money for WWTW. 

2. What was the highlight of your last race and what you are looking forward to this time round?

The highlight of the last race was meeting all the amazing people and the staff that run the race, you're in a huge camp and it’s such a positive atmosphere to be in.

3.  The MdS has been dubbed the ‘toughest footrace on earth’, what was the biggest challenge you faced last time and have you taken steps in your training to tackle this?

The race is undoubtedly tough, but if you train hard and want it bad enough it’ll be OK. For me, the main challenge is going to be making sure my sockets and body are up to the task of multiple marathons over sand, and not being over confident.

4.  The ultra-marathon is 156 miles, how are you preparing for this incredible challenge?

For the challenge I’ve really upped my cardiovascular training and endurance, I’ve done a lot more core strength work which definitely helps. I'm also making sure that my nutrition is balanced and my kit is light. Only essential equipment goes in my pack. And of course spare kit in case my legs go wrong.

5.  What are you top tips to avoid injury during the race?

My top tips are to keep hydrated and take salt tablets, eat often stay cheerful, and just KEEP GOING!

6.   If you could give a single piece of advice to fellow runners, what would it be?

The only advice I could give is look up and enjoy the surroundings, remember why you’ve chosen to do it. If you’ve started, all you need to do is finish.

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