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All Together Cumbria sponsoring the Cumbrian Challenge

Industry rallying round to support employment of ex Forces

All Together Cumbria have joined FDM Group and BAE Systems as presenting partners of Walking With The Wounded's flagship Cumbrian Challenge event in the Lake District.

The team-building charity walk which takes place on 16 May alongside beneficiaries of the charity will see it's 1,000th team take part this year - with every team supporting a veteran out of social isolation and back into independence.

Staff from All Together Cumbria took part in their first ever Cumbrian Challenge last year and this is their experience:

"Not knowing fully what this entailed when we signed up (despite the clues in the title), we all agreed the challenge sounded fun, meaningful and something we wanted to do.

"Whilst we were not the fittest bunch of ‘40 something ladies’ that you will ever meet, and we didn’t train as much as we should have done, on the 18 May 2019 we certainly proved that we had the hearts of lions. We hit some tough moments during the walk and it was truly exhausting. At times we even questioned if we could make it to the end! But, what kept us going was knowing that our pain paled into insignificance when we compared it to what our service people go through whilst serving in the Forces.

"We were truly humbled to have the opportunity to walk side by side with some of the most amazing individuals and learn about their challenges and the support they had received from Walking With The Wounded. We really were in awe at how the help they had received changed their lives. We just knew we had to be a part of this again.

We completed The Peak Route: Helm Crag, Gibson Knott and Calf Crag, 32,228 steps and 6.5 hours of nonstop hiking and a sprint of sorts to the finish line…a day we will never forget. Our team raised over £4,000 which we were hugely proud of and we agreed we would definitely be back next year to do it all again.

"So, after spreading the word with our partner organisations about how amazing the Cumbrian Challenge is and the great work Walking With The Wounded do, we are back to do it all again! This time as headline sponsors! Supported and co-funded by eight of our partner organisations; A-Plant, Jacobs, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, NRL Recruitment Services, Port Causeway Ltd , Solomons Europe, TKM Construction Recruitment and WestlakesRecruit."

Why do ATC support the work of Walking With The Wounded?

"All Together Cumbria is a social enterprise and exists ‘to improve the lives of people living and working in Cumbria’. And, just like Walking With The Wounded, our strategy is focused on providing real access to opportunities and enabling people to gain meaningful employment. We recognise the multiple, highly transferable skills of our forces personnel and see clear employment opportunities in Cumbria for them. There is a skills gap that would benefit greatly from their experience, expertise and skill sets. Via our All Together Cumbria recruitment brokerage desk, supported by industry we are able to provide a direct talent pipeline to our partner organisations with a view to helping individuals find meaningful employment."

Who is All Together Cumbria and what do we do?


"All Together Cumbria is a social enterprise delivering real change in Cumbria. Supported by industry, we provide effective and efficient management of current and future employment opportunities and challenges within the area via our industry skills and dedicated recruitment brokerage desks.

"The funds generated through All Together Cumbria via the collaborative partnerships are reinvested to enable greater employment opportunities through defined strategies, skills awareness, development and training. 

"We are passionate about making visible social change. Through our unique partnerships we work together to determine the needs of individuals, our community and industry through data driven needs assessment. We identify and implement solutions that develop a more sustainable workforce of the future.

"Through our unique partnership of like-minded organisations from across industry who are passionate about making visible social change, we work together to determine the real needs of individuals, our community and industry so that we can identify and implement solutions to develop a more sustainable workforce of the future.

"Our industry skills brokerage provides the framework to work collaboratively to determine the needs of industry, identify current and future skills gaps and understand the wider macro-economic environment on Cumbria. The brokerage provides individuals with tailored guidance, support and provision signposting to enable each individual to advance their journey into further education, training and meaningful employment.

"Our recruitment brokerage desk operates through existing trading relationships and service level agreements with our recruitment partners, helping businesses to find the right person for their organisation. Our partners have a wealth of industry and geographical knowledge and experience enabling the understanding of clients' needs and skill requirements, as well as how to provide value added solutions. Each vacancy filled through our recruitment desk generates a retrospective rebate payment from our recruitment partners profit, which is then re-invested through our social value strategy.

"All Together Cumbria is not dependent on seeking external funding, allowing us to make data and needs based decisions that are right for both the community and the industry."

ATC's partners


"What makes All Together Cumbria so unique and different is that while many of our partners are competitors in business, each are fully committed to working collaboratively together to achieve our six collective shared objectives; 


- Support the development of a trained and capable local workforce.

- Retain local skills and talents.

- Help minimise and mitigate specific, local industry lifecycle threats to employment levels in the area.

- Provide employment opportunities for long-term unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.

- Contribute to the long-term social and economic development of Cumbria.

- Support local Businesses to resource robustly to undertake work for key clients.

"Our partners are a mix of sole traders, subject matter experts (SMEs) and national organisations from both the private and public sector, who work collaboratively together to generate a collective impact adding real value to the community of Cumbria.

"These value-added impacts come in many different forms through businesses utilising our recruitment brokerage desk to find the right individual for their organisation, providing leadership engagement, sharing industry specific knowledge or by supporting our social value efforts via donations either financially or in-kind. All our partners are working with us to make a sustainable difference for the future.

"If you would like to find out more about All Together Cumbria and how we can further support, you or your organisation or if you would like to know more about our partner organisations please do click on the link below."


>>>>> A-Plant


>>>>>Morgan Sindall Infrastructure

>>>>>NRL Recruitment Services

>>>>>Port Causeway Ltd

>>>>>Solomons Europe

>>>>>TKM Construction Recruitment


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