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WWTW Veterans Emergency Support Fund

The challenge of dealing with COVID-19 is impacting Veterans ,families and communities across the country in a way that most of us have never seen in our lifetimes. It is a time for us all to pull together to support each other.

We have now moved the whole organisation to remote working and closing down communal office space across the UK at the same time as keeping our services moving along and informing and supporting our vulnerable veterans in multiple regions .

We have already communicated with our beneficiaries to ensure that they are aware of our ongoing support and how we can assist them to get through this difficult time .

 As a result of this situation we have already lost revenue from planned fundraising events that we have postponed, and we are sure other organisations will be in the same position. 

We are trying our best to look at ways of maintaining all services throughout. The challenge for the team is huge and could cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds.  But we are determined to meet this challenge.  Not only are we supporting people to live independent lives, but in the coming months we are trying to save the very lives of our veterans.

We would also like to ensure that whatever we can do to alleviate veterans entering or impacting on the already overstretched NHS ( Clinical Environment ) is avoided at all costs.

We would be delighted if you were able to continue to support us through this difficult time, as an extension of your own community. All funds raised will go directly into supporting vulnerable veterans, please click here to donate

 Thank you for your kind and continued support.