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 - Ian Best Twitter Takeover 

Covid-19 Series. Mental Health Awareness Week. WWTW Twitter Takeover

Next week marks Mental Health Awareness Week and as part of this, we're hosting a mental health Twitter takeover on Monday May 18th.

Next Monday (May 18th), WWTW Mental Health therapist, Ian Best, will be live on WWTW's Twitter page ready to answer any questions that you might have about looking after your mental health. 

Ian is a Psychotherapist based in South Lincolnshire. He has just entered his 14th year in this role. He says that during this time 'many, many people have allowed me the privilege of hearing their stories and experiences and also to crucially trust me and interact with me as a therapist'. 

Throughout his career, Ian has experienced an extremely wide range of issues and struggles although since 2011 he has been considerably involved with the impact of trauma. 

He places great emphasis on respect and ensures that people find him to be highly expert yet more importantly, highly personable. He says, 'the gratitude I feel for being able to carry out my role is immense and I doubt if I will ever lose sight of this.'

Please send in your questions on Twitter ahead of Monday using #ASKWWTW, or tune in live.

We will share a blog post with all of the Q+A's on our website after the event.