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Q&A with WWTW Volunteer Dr. Ian Hancock

To celebrate National Volunteers Week we've asked our volunteers to tell us a bit more about why they've generously donated their time to WWTW.

In this interview, we hear from WWTW volunteer, Dr. Ian Hancock. 

Tell us a bit about your background and what you do:

I am a microbiologist/virologist who started work for the MOD in the 1980s. I work with category 4 pathogenic organisms mainly operational areas in the Far East and Africa. I am currently working for MDC Lighthouse Alderley Park Cheshire for Covid 19 response. 

Why have you chosen to volunteer for Walking With The Wounded?

I chose to volunteer for WWTW as two friends, Scott Ransley and Neil Milner were volunteering for WWTW and it was the opportunity to meet up and have a short working break in the countryside as well as meet old friends. 

What type of events/activities have you supported the charity with?

Over the last few years I’ve assisted with Walking Home For Christmas in Yorkshire and The Cumbrian Challenge in May. I have marshalled, put up bunting, assisted the kitchens, kept the catering area clean and tidy, car park attendance, and I have also been asked to run the bar this year. Generally I help out any way I can. 

How much of an impact do you feel your volunteer work had?

I like to think I’ve helped the smooth running of these events which behind the scenes take many hours of effort to prep. In addition I have a social few days and a few beers with friends that I would likely otherwise would not see due to distance. 

If you were to recommend volunteering with WWTW to someone else, what would you say?

WWTW is the most organised charity I have worked for. There is always some time for enjoying yourself. Food is great. Scenery is great. Can see a huge benefit for veterans from the corporate level income stream generated from WWTW events. 

What surprised you the most or was your favourite part of the WWTW volunteering experience?

Putting medals on the dogs who completed The Cumbrian Challenge was great. They knew they were getting medals. 

If you've been inspired by Dr. Hancock and want to get involved in volunteering for Walking With The Wounded please contact Viveca at: