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West Way pleased to provide Nissan NV300 to Walking With The Wounded

WWTW is currently supporting the response to COVID-19 whereby volunteers from the Armed Forces community deliver food to the most vulnerable across the country.

WWTW and OP-REGEN, a WWTW volunteering project, are working with Manchester City Council and approached West Way Manchester for support with the supply of a vehicle to help deliver food and other essential items to those that need them in Greater Manchester.

As a proud supporter of the Armed Forces, veterans and the local community, West Way Manchester were pleased to be able to support the initiative by supplying a Nissan NV300 van.
Joel Oxberry, WWTW Corporate Development Manager said "The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted communities across the UK and particularly those most vulnerable in our society. Charities like WWTW are finding new ways to engage with and reach out to those that need support the most”. He continues, “Our team in the North West, with the support of OP-REGEN volunteers, have been working with Manchester City Council to deliver vital food parcels to residents across the city. We’re incredibly grateful to West Way Manchester, for stepping up and working with us to become part of the solution.”
Darren Wilkinson, Dealer Principal at West Way Manchester said "Throughout the crisis, we have strived to provide help and support where we can – whether that be to the NHS, our key workers or projects with the local community to support the most vulnerable in society. OP-REGEN is a great endeavour and we are glad to be able to help WWTW deliver essential items within the community." 
The Council is receiving over 2000 requests per week for these emergency parcels and to date, volunteers from Walking With The Wounded have supported 117 households with 279 food parcels across just two days. This has provided the building blocks to commit volunteers to support deliveries three days a week and for the foreseeable future. The van will help increase the capacity of deliveries that can take place throughout the day, ensuring that the vulnerable receive these much-needed parcels as quickly as possible.

There are many ways that you can support Walking With The Wounded, from volunteering with OP-REGEN to fundraising for the charity. Click here to find out more.