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Reserves Day Q&A with Scott Briggs

To celebrate Reserves Day as part of Armed Forces week, we've asked WWTW's Project Officer Scott to tell us a bit more about what it's like to be a Reservist.

In this interview, we talk to WWTW's OP-REGEN Project Officer, Scott, about life as Reservist:

Tell us a bit about your regiment

The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment is the infantry regiment of the North West of England. With 2 regular battalions and 1 reserve battalion. I currently serve with D Company, 4 Lancs.

Why did you want to be a Reservist?

Being from a military family, I’m passionate about supporting the armed forces community. My father and many of the males of my immediate family have served. It’s nice to be able to carry this on and also help provide the role model that I looked up to when I was growing up to my own children.

What’s the best part about being a Reservist?

The opportunities to train and travel overseas are definitely one of the highlights, alongside being part of a close knit community amongst mates. I also have a young family so serving as a reservist means that it’s easier to maintain a balance between home life, work and service commitments. I literally often get to see the best of both worlds.

How does your role as a Reservist help you in your job?

Serving as a Reservist whilst working in my current role at WWTW is hugely beneficial as it gives me the opportunity to work on both sides of the armed forces community. Working alongside regular counterparts when training and/or mobilised and supporting service leavers in my civilian role.

It can also often help breakdown potential barriers to engagement with some of our more vulnerable beneficiaries that are experiencing complex difficulties as there is natural topic of discussion and the opportunity for them to give me banter about being a weekend soldier. 

Inspired? You can find out more about how to get involved with OP-REGEN here.