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 - Returning to work after lockdown

Returning to work after lockdown. Written by Caorlyn Brown

Our Clinical Lead, Carolyn, offers her top tips around returning to work as lockdown eases.

As lockdown continues to ease, it’s time to start thinking about returning to our places of work. Of course not everyone has been in ‘lockdown’.  For keyworkers it’s been a ‘sort’ of business as usual. But for those returning to the working environment after having been home working, it is going to feel quite strange.  Some people can’t wait to get back into the office/workplace, whilst others are dreading it. 

Pre lockdown life could be quite chaotic – rushing here and there and trying to keep up with the fast pace of life. Staying home and home-working became the new normal for quite a while. This slower pace of life has been welcomed by many and it is a testimony to the resilience of individuals how many coped productively and positively. 

However, for many, the uncertainty and fear of the unknown exacerbated some mental health issues that may have been simmering below the surface and as we slowly ease out of lockdown for some this transition is tentative and causing some anxieties. 

Those individuals who have recovered from COVID may be concerned about the long- term effects of the disease and for others the worry about the unknown continues. For those with pre-existing health conditions and health anxieties pre COVID, a return to the workplace may be even more daunting. 

Anxiety is defined as ‘A feeling of fear or worry causing nervousness and unease’

Fear is normally a sudden reaction to a threat

Worry is normally the anticipation that something bad will happen or about something beyond our control

The advice would be to discuss any concerns with your work colleagues and line managers.  Continue to rely on trusted sources of information and limit exposure to news reports and the media which can be misinterpreted. Over the coming weeks there will probably be lots of information available on how to manage and cope with returning to work. Hopefully talking to others will alleviate some of these worries. It is important that we all continue to look after ourselves.

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