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NCCP Good News Story

Walking With The Wounded’s Northern Care Coordination Partnership reaches a small but significant group of highly in need ex-military men, women and their families. The NCCP team recently received a letter from Mark, an NCCP beneficiary

The NCCP team works with the NHS, Veterans Transition Intervention and Liaison service (TILS), the Military Veterans Service (MVS) and the Complex Treatment Service (CTS) to ensure we are supporting the most in need veterans, family members and their carer’s.

The team recently received a letter from Mark, an NCCP beneficiary. 

The Veterans Transition and Liaison Service referred me to Walking With The Wounded’s Northern Care Coordination Partnership in late 2019 because I was repeat client asking for help.  

I was a very heavy drinker and I had no control over it.  I ended up losing my licence, my job, family and friends. At one point, I was sleeping rough, however, none of this this bothered me as long as I had a drink.

WWTW’s support worker stood by me the whole time and believed in me without judging. They supported me with help buying food, days out with charities, getting in touch with other organisations and giving me 1-2-1 support. After a few months I started to believe I could take back control of my life. WWTW even arranged a stay at Tom Harrison House, a veteran’s residential addiction support unit.

This has changed my life. On arrival I was made very welcome even more so with all the lads being Ex-Forces, the course can be challenging at times. I learnt a lot about myself, like how to identify my triggers and why I became an addict in the first place. The centre has lots of different activities for veterans to try, such as equine therapy. I have truly enjoyed the journey and it has put me in a totally different frame of mind. I wake up fresh in the mornings, I feel healthy and most of all, the people I lost are slowly coming back into my life and I have lots of new friends. 

My journey does not end here. I am being supported by a local veteran who runs addiction support sessions in the community as well as Northern Recovery Partnership and WWTW are still here to support me on my next venture to upskill and hopefully return to work.


A very grateful veteran. 

The WWTW team thrives on helping our beneficiaries to return to a more comfortable life, and their wellbeing is the main priority. Over the past 12 months, we have seen an exponential increase in the demand and need for our support. Despite facing many challenges, WWTW has demonstrated that it is a pioneering organisation, our team has the ability to be flexible and think laterally, and we have delivered and will continue to deliver effective care to our beneficiaries.   

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