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WWTW and OP-REGEN supporting Department of Transport

WWTW is working with the Department of Transport and Volunteer Matters to support with their Journey Makers initiative and continue to be part of the solution to support efforts relating to COVID-19.  With every volunteer we provide, the charity will receive a donation.

Following recent news reports, and the probability of a second wave of COVID-19 being very high, OP-REGEN Volunteers have been busy planning and preparing to be able to support those affected during COVID-19.

Supporting Volunteering Matters, who are working closely with the Department of Transport, we are rallying troops to help their Journey Makers initiative.

Journey Makers provide support and guidance to commuters in the local communities, provide a welcome environment to people returning to work and travel. Walking With The Wounded will be supporting in areas across south Yorkshire, East Midlands and Reading.

All volunteers will receive training and relevant PPE and will be fully supported, safeguarded and supported by the transport hub Volunteer Liaison Manager.

If you’re able to support this tasking, please complete the OP-REGEN expression of interest form and email your preferred location