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World Mental Health Day 10 October 2020

Our Clinical Lead, Carolyn, explores the theme of this year's WMHD, 'Mental Health for All'

Mental Health for All is the topic of this year’s World Mental Health Day which takes place on 10 October and is observed in more than 100 countries. It presents an opportunity to show our support for better mental health provision including looking after ourselves. Mental health problems can affect any individual at any time. Our lives have been dramatically affected by COVID 19 and the last 7 months have been challenging and it has been very difficult to remain positive. 

For those with existing mental health issues pre COVID and for those who have never experienced any difficulties, COVID 19 has thrown up challenges, exacerbating existing difficulties and highlighting struggles around feelings of loss, leading to low mood and anxiety. 

We would encourage everyone to promote good mental health by raising awareness of the difficulties many people face daily. Invest in your mental wellbeing by making positive changes which can be challenging, particularly if you have endured months of uncertainty.  

One of the major impacts of the COVID pandemic is an increase in social isolation and loneliness and feeling worried and anxious about what the future holds. You are not alone. Support from family, friends and work colleagues is invaluable and could be a lifeline. Reach out and ask for help. Talk to each other and by sharing experiences we can help each other. 

Everybody deserves to have good mental health and today, let us embrace this year’s theme by raising awareness of mental health, challenging stigma through education, fostering mental health resilience and making mental health support accessible and a priority.  

Find out more about our mental health programme, Head Start, here

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