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 - WWTW partners with Local Council to support Ex-Military

WWTW partners with Local Council to support Ex-Military

Employment Advisor, Alex, and her clients volunteer to clean up Hampshire Countryside

WWTW Employment Advisor, Alex Todino, has been working closely with Hampshire County Council and their volunteering project, Hampshire Countryside Services. The project engages volunteers with a team of Countryside Rangers to work alongside serving and ex-military personnel with their 'Right of Way' volunteer tasks. This involves ex-military volunteers meeting and working alongside the small team of Countryside Rangers to keep 'rights of way' accessible to the public in the Hampshire countryside.

Compliant with Covid-19 restrictions, the volunteer team, alongside Alex, have been out three times so far with the Countryside Rangers to complete a job involving the removal of 10 broken stiles and the installation of 10 kissing gates in their place. The team were also involved in clearing a large area of vegetation in preparation for a ditch installation. More dates are confirmed, with work continuing year-round and a growing interest from more volunteers wishing to attend.

One client in particular struggled with isolation and boredom during lockdown and thoroughly enjoys the work with Countryside services. He is reluctant to return home at the end of the working day and signs up for every volunteer day going. The volunteer commented,

“When you are struggling to support yourself and those who depend on you, whether financially or emotionally, volunteering would be the last thing that approaches your mind. I have mostly heard negative comments whilst seeking advice from people and friends about investing my time in volunteering. Comments such as free labour, no return investment and so much more. But since I have started volunteering, I have seen and experienced a completely new side and benefits to it. There is so much to gain from the wealth of knowledge and skills that volunteering provides. I have met such incredible people and shared their knowledge on their own journeys. I have found that I can use my new-found skills and knowledge to improve my own life.”

As a direct result WWTW’s partnership with Hampshire Countryside Services, WWTW volunteers can go on to gain further training and qualifications in areas such as brush cutting and using chainsaws; as well as ongoing, valuable work experience with Rangers to improve their confidence and employability prospects.

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