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OP-REGEN / Lancashire Wildlife Trust Volunteering Partnership

Joining forces to promote employability and wildlife conservation

WWTW Volunteering project, OP-REGEN & Lancs Wildlife Trust have joined forces to facilitate volunteering opportunities for members of the armed forces community across Greater Manchester. The opportunity aims to engage volunteers by equipping them with general conservation skills and knowledge, alongside peatland management at Little Woolden Moss in Irlam.

The pilot project kicked off earlier this month and the feedback from the participants has been positive with all involved bidding to attend on a regular basis. The aim is to be able to build a longer-term stand-alone initiative that will offer the chance for volunteers to gain qualifications relevant to conservation and woodland management. The long-term goal is to improve employability skills and overall general wellbeing.

The Lancashire Peatlands Initiative Project Officer, Andrew Hankinson commented; Here at Lancashire Wildlife Trust we are passionate about connecting people with nature. Working With Walking With The Wounded and providing support for veterans in an outdoor, nature-based environment is a great way for people to connect with nature and also each other. These practical conservation sessions provide a real benefit to our nature reserves but also for the wellbeing of people attending."

Scott Briggs, WWTW OP-REGEN Project Manager added:

“OP-REGEN is growing from strength of strength. Our aim is to support our volunteers and enable them to develop new skills and knowledge. The Project encourages ex-military to engage with and have a meaningful impact on their local communities. The new Partnership with The Wildlife Trust provides an incredible experience for OP-REGEN volunteers. WWTW has a diverse volunteering programme, offering those who have served the opportunity to get out and try something new.”

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