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 - Eddie Izzard

Make Humanity Great Again A Run for Hope

31 marathons & 31 stand up gigs, in 31 countries, in 31 days... without ever leaving London

Five supporting charities and international development organisations, including Walking With The Wounded,  have been named as key beneficiaries of the latest challenge being untaken by actor and comedian Eddie Izzard

Eddie’s extraordinary New Year’s resolution is to undertake ‘A Run for Hope’ to usher in a new year and a new future, encouraging people all over Europe and around the world to help ‘Make Humanity Great Again’

As well as running a full marathon every day across the month of January 2021, Eddie will also perform a stand-up comedy gig every evening as well. The whole ‘Run For Hope’ challenge and the stand-up shows will be streamed live online to a global audience around the world

Five organisations, that are each helping to ‘Make Humanity Great Again’, will be supporting Eddie’s incredible physical challenge, and each of them will benefit from money and awareness that is raised by the event

Eddie will be pushing himself harder and further than he ever has before to raise much needed funding for these fantastic charities and to draw attention to the causes and people that they support

Eddie firmly believes that 2021 must be...

“A time to look forward, to work together, to be tolerant and to live & let live.”

Every day Eddie will travel the world without ever leaving London.

Eddie will run the 31 marathons on a treadmill at Riverside Studios, London. Once each gruelling 42.2 km (26.2 mile) feat of endurance is completed Eddie will jump straight off the treadmill and run on stage to perform a nightly ‘Best–of’ series of stand-up comedy gigs

Each marathon will be themed around a different European or world city. Eddie will be asking supporters and fans to join the challenge by watching the event live online, running in unity in cities across the continent, joining the audience for the daily comedy shows, and donating to raise funds for the chosen charities. Eddie will also be joined on the challenge by lots of surprise guests.

Eddie says, “There is too much talk of division in the world. Too much talk designed to pull us apart. In my life I try to look for the opposite - to look for what brings us together, which helps make us all stronger. Working together feeds the spirit that can restore the greatness to humanity. ‘Make Humanity Great Again’ stands for unity, the sharing of beliefs and the power of human beings uniting across the continents and around the world. As a campaign it seeks to promote a fair chance in life for all, particularly those who experience disadvantage and discrimination. It speaks to people who believe there is more goodwill than ill-will in the world, who believe in the positive qualities of humanity and in the Golden Rule - to treat other people the way you would like to be treated yourself.” 

Eddie is no stranger to epic fundraising challenges. But this will be the biggest and most incredible yet

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