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A Message of Support

WWTW receive anonymous message of hope to brighten your day during lockdown...

The start of a new month brings hope. Spring is firmly on the horizon and the national roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine with the support from the British Armed Forces brings with it a new sense that we are getting closer to being able to see family and friends again.

We also received an anonymous card from a WWTW supporter who is using lockdown to spread words of support to those who need it. Take a look below:

Dear Walking With The Wounded and especially those that you support,

I am sending these anonymously… to help people through these times.

You may be experiencing overwhelming feelings, you’ve a right to, it’s been an extraordinary past year. The lows, delayed plans, sporadic changes, and loss of confidence in perhaps yourself or where this is heading.

But I wanted to say that things will improve… I promise.

I’ve been through hard times prior to the pandemic and know that sometimes a little encouragement from someone random from you can help to strengthen your resolve, if a small amount.

So, get out into nature as much as is allowed. Prepare yourself your favourite beverage (preferably non-alcoholic if you’re struggling). Read, talk and connect with others. Do exercise and learn a new skill. And above all, smile from your core and know that we are in this together.

Click here if you need support.

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