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 - WWTW Beneficiary, Helen

WWTW Beneficiary, Helen, supporting Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

WWTW Beneficiary supported by WWTW’s Employment Programme becomes part of the Covid-19 Pandemic Response team

WWTW Beneficiary, Helen, who served 4 years as a Medic in the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corp. (QARANC), initially sought help from WWTW in 2011 with employment, has successfully passed her mandatory online tests to help with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and administer the vaccine.

In 2011, when Helen returned to England after 5 years living abroad, she found it very difficult to find employment and impossible to get a secure home. She was no longer registered as a nurse and needed to complete a Return to Practice course (RTP) to be able to re-start her career. Her financial situation had become so serious that she could no longer afford to pay for her accommodation or living expenses.

Alex, a WWTW Employment Advisor, helped Helen to access an RTP course. Alex managed the process and helped Helen complete her applications and then supported Helen throughout her course which she successfully completed at the end of 2019. Helen said:

‘WWTW gave me constant support to help get me back into nursing. My Employment Advisor found me an access course and got everything moving for me. If it wasn’t for her, I think I’d still be back at square one.’

After finally receiving her nurse’s registration in October last year, Helen was finally able to move forward with her plans to return to the nursing profession.

Just before Christmas, Alex came up with a suggestion for Helen to get involved in the Covid-19 vaccination programme and she sent Helen all the relevant information and links. Since then, Helen has been studying hard and has now passed all the on-line tests that are mandatory to administer the vaccines.

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