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WWTW team up with The Breath Connection to deliver a 5-day meditative breathing programme

From Monday 1st March to Friday 5th March, register your interest for our breathing workshop

Walking With The Wounded MEDALS Programme (Mindfulness Education, Developing Active Lifestyles via Sports) are delighted to announce a partnership with The Breath Connection to deliver a five day mediative breathing programme based on the teachings of Wim Hoff. 


The MEDALS Programme is a project designed for the Armed Forces community that aims to promote positive mental wellbeing through engagement in activities such as engaging in mindfulness, therapeutic groupwork as well as other cultural activities. The Breath Connection was set up in recognition and support of people whose lives are -or-have been – impacted by significant stress or trauma. They advocate conscious breathing, cold water therapy, good nutrition and the ‘Power of Now’, teaching these elements in their breathwork courses.


Sam Murray, a former Royal Marine Commando who battled depression, found his love of breathing therapies initially through the Wim Hoff method and immediately recognised the healing power of conscious breathwork and cold-water immersion.  


In 2020, Sam met Miranda Bailey, a Nutritional Therapist & Breathwork Practitioner, who has a shared interest in how conscious breathing can be used to support mental health and ease chronic health conditions. Together, Sam and Miranda set up The Breath Connection out of a desire to support the ever-increasing levels of stress our communities are experiencing - both within the general community, but particularly the Armed Forces, Police and other Blue Light Services.


This project will take place over five days from Monday 1st March to Friday 5th March for one hour per day. If you know of any veterans who may be interested in taking part or indeed if you want to give it a go yourself, please contact  William Cairns Scotland’s Veterans Project Manager on or by telephone on 07593820529 to make arrangements and to find out how.


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