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WWTW Volunteer Programme, OP-REGEN, celebrates 1-year anniversary

We take a look back at everything OP-REGEN has achieved since its conception last February.

OP-REGEN is a volunteering project that offers a platform for ex-military personnel to recognise their inherent skills and empowers them to demonstrate these skills to the wider community. For those that have landed on hard times, the project aims to support these individuals and their families to reintegrate back into society and to have a meaningful positive impact on the environment in which they reside; additionally, for those not in employment the projects aims to assist in their journey back into the workplace.

Throughout the pandemic OP-REGEN have stepped up to become part of the Covid-19 response. On a national level, OP-REGEN collaborated with GPS to support the Nightingale Hospitals with volunteers. Regionally, OP-REGEN have been instrumental in supporting the local community in the North-West. In the height of lockdown in Spring 2020, OP-REGEN worked hard to support Manchester City Council in the delivery of food and emergency provisions to the most vulnerable people across the city. To date, OP-REGEN have helped to deliver over 2,000 emergency parcels across the Greater Manchester region.

The impact they have had across the region has been recognised in the form of awards in the ‘volunteering’ category at the English Veterans Awards, The High Sheriff Special Recognition Award, as well as a nomination for the Queen’s Volunteering Awards.

Alongside the impactful response to Covid-19, OP-REGEN has continued to collaborate and expand into different volunteering projects. In October 2020, OP-REGEN launched the ‘New Year, New Street’, campaign, to help regenerate local communities in Manchester, Gateshead, and Glasgow. At the end of 2020, OP-REGEN also teamed up with Lancashire Wildlife Trust to promote wildlife conservation and improve employability by equipping volunteers with the general conservation skills and knowledge.

OP-REGEN Project Manager, Scott Briggs (Serving Reservist), said of the project,

OP-REGEN is growing from strength to strength. Our aim is to support our volunteers and enable them to develop new skills and knowledge. The Project encourages ex-military to engage with and have a meaningful impact on their local communities. WWTW has a diverse volunteering programme, offering those who have served the opportunity to get out and try something new.”

As of 2021, OP-REGEN continues to expand into different regions, most recently, getting involved in a tree-planting initiative in Newcastle alongside Newcastle City Council. In addition to the launch in the North East, the OP-REGEN team are working hard to establish relationships with key influencers in Scotland and hope to launch there within the coming months!


OP-REGEN embodies the future ambitions of Walking With The Wounded to support ex-military seeking support and to find those that require support but are not seeking it.

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