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Models For Heroes new collaboration with WWTW

Grant awarded by the Positive Pathways programme funding to scale-up Models For Heroes in partnership with WWTW

Models for Heroes is amongst the newest projects to be granted funding by the Positive Pathways programme from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.


Models for Heroes (M4H) was founded in 2017 by keen model-maker Malcolm Childs. After realising the therapeutic benefits of his hobby, Malcolm decided to set up the M4H as a charitable organisation to support veterans suffering with mental health issues. 


Since its conception, M4H has supported over 300 veterans, and now supplies 70 organisations across the UK with model-making kits to support veterans in need. However, like most organisations, M4H has had to adapt the way it delivers its service as a result of the pandemic. Instead of face-to-face model-making groups, M4H has adapted, using Zoom, engaging with veterans across the country to share their love of model-making.


The new funding, from the Positive Pathways programme, will allow the support that M4H offer to veterans to have a further virtual reach across the UK, funding Zoom licences needed for online workshops, as well as allowing M4H to provide more extensive equipment to aid veterans with their model-making projects.


WWTW are supporting this by referring veterans to M4H who would benefit from getting involved in model-making as a means to improve their mental health and increase social interaction.


Are you a veteran interested in model-making? Register your interest here

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