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‘Head in the Game’ the new online mental well-being workshop

Walking With The Wounded join forces with Sharks Community Trust to support the roll-out of their new online mental well-being workshop, ‘Head in the Game’.

Walking With The Wounded are supporting Sharks Community Trust who are offering their new online mental well-being workshop, ‘Head in the Game’. The programme is designed to engage participants online via video conference, and will cover themes including mental health awareness, sign posting, and the ‘5 ways to well-being’, exploring how sport and physical activity can be an important factor in looking after your own physical and mental health.

The new online workshop falls under ‘Sharks Forces’, the Trusts’ armed forces project that works annually with over 100 veterans and serving personnel to help promote positive mental well-being and community cohesion. This includes physical activity sessions, welfare walks, art therapy classes and mental well-being workshops designed specifically for veterans in the Greater Manchester area.

Eddie, Mental Well-being Officer at Sharks Community Trust, said, “The project aims to empower participants who have benefited from the programme to lead and support activities, as part of our delivery. This has now led to us launching our new art therapy workshops led by a local veteran, who helps to inspire others to take part and meet like-minded people.  We also work closely with other specialist charities and community organisations to ensure all participants are supported, no matter what their circumstances.

Sharks Forces is a growing programme in the North West area with a prominent presence in the Greater Manchester area, with new and exciting activities planned for 2021, including a new online activities and multi-sport sessions. We look forward to growing the activities into the new year and hope to welcome even more participants to take part.”

Scott Briggs, OP-REGEN Project Officer, added, “WWTW’s collaboration with Sale Sharks and Sharks Forces is fantastic. By working together, we will be able to offer more veterans across the UK, access to a multitude of exciting classes and help to equip them with new skills and knowledge that they can use in everyday life. This is a great initiative.”

‘Head in the Game’ will launch on 5th April, with weekly one-hour sessions. The programme is free of charge; however, spaces are limited. If you would like to get involved please contact Eddie Owen, Sharks Community Trust Mental Well-being Officer directly at:

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