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WWTW Volunteers Team Up With Hampshire Countryside Services

Aldershot veterans have joined forces with Hampshire Countryside Services team to assist with their Rights of Way project.

WWTW has been working in partnership with Hampshire Countryside Services (part of Hampshire County Council) for a number of months.

As a direct result of our partnership, WWTW volunteers have gone on to gain further training and qualifications in areas such as brush cutting, and using chainsaws, as well as ongoing, valuable work experience with Rangers to improve their confidence and employability prospects. 

The most recent round of volunteering opportunities included the clearing of vegetation, replacing stiles with gates, installing signs and markers, and generally making the countryside more accessible for all to enjoy.

Veterans will volunteer alongside qualified Rangers to complete the works throughout the summer and be offered the chance to undertake training and gain certificates in certain equipment.

Ian, a WWTW beneficiary, is looking forward to volunteering throughout the summer. He believes that volunteering is a good step towards building up his confidence and eventually, stepping back into employment.  

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