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Small Steps Big Differences

Helen, a WWTW beneficiary, wanted to do something interesting in life – something that was different and rewarding.

At 21, she decided to join the TA and after a year she progressed to a full-time career as a medic in the QARANC. She completed her initial training at Tidworth and then passed her final nursing qualifications whilst posted in Germany where she also met her husband. 

Helen was a very capable and committed nurse and she loved her job. Unfortunately, her husband, who was posted many miles away, eventually decided that he wanted to quit military life and so, after 4 years in her nursing role, Helen regretfully handed in her papers and returned to Edinburgh.

In 2015, Helen returned to London with her new partner - who she had met in Spain – and together they took a room in a hotel. Helen planned to find work and then rent a flat but as she had been out of the country for so long, she found it impossible without current references to get either.

Her nursing qualifications needed to be updated and she was unable to return to medical work without completing a Return To Practice (RTP) course. Helen and her partner found themselves financially crippled and unable to pay their living costs or for their hotel. They were totally stuck and didn’t know how to turn things around.

Helen knew that she wanted to return to nursing and use the skills that she had initially gained in the military. However, before she would be able to renew her registration, she needed to update her nursing skills and complete a Return To Practice (RTP) course. Alex from WWTW worked closely with Helen on her applications, she managed the process and helped with the presentation and content, and ultimately, Helen was accepted onto a course.

‘WWTW gave me constant support to help get me back into nursing. My Employment Advisor found me an access course and got everything moving for me. If it wasn’t for her, I think I’d still be back at square one.’

Alex provided the guidance and structure that Helen needed to get her nursing career back on track and she supported her throughout her course. Alex also helped Helen through a very stressful time when a ‘nightmare neighbour’ caused months of tension and disruption to Helen’s home life.

In October 2019, Helen successfully passed her RTP course, and she regained her nursing registration at the beginning of 2020 just before the outbreak of COVID 19.

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