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Chamber Health & Wellbeing take on WWTW’s Cumbrian Challenge

In less than one month, hundreds of teams will be taking part in Walking With The Wounded’s flagship fundraiser, the Cumbrian Challenge, in order to raise funds for those who served. Despite being postponed due to the pandemic, this year will be the biggest event yet.

More than 175 teams have signed-up to take on the challenge, including a team from Chamber Health & Wellbeing who have so far raised over £1,880 which will enable Walking With The Wounded to continue to deliver vital support services to those who are in need of our support.

Chamber was created in 2016 by veterans Shaun and James who were working with the young and ex-offenders, teaching them how to prepare basic meals, engaging them with in-depth discussions on anything that came to mind and finding their initials barriers coming down.

Recognising that physical and mental health sit side by side, the Chamber team ventured into corporate wellbeing by delivering programmes to businesses based around fitness, nutrition, stress management and injury prevention. They opened their first gym in 2019, offering a personable experience that welcomes health competition, a supporting culture and a safe space to discuss mental health.

Shaun, director of Chamber and beneficiary of WWTW decided to sign up a team to the Cumbrian challenge to help raise money and awareness of the charity but also as a personal challenge. Shaun has had many ups and downs with his mental health and having an opportunity to raise funds to help other veterans whilst experience short term discomfort seemed like a brilliant idea.

Team 'Chamber' comprises or business partners Shaun and James and close friend Richard Hardwick. They have chosen the tougher route and to top it off they will carry a concept 2 rowing machine to complete a 32km row whilst on route

There is still time to sign-up and take part. Find out more: