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Cumbrian Challenge 2021- It's almost here

The long-awaited Cumbrian Challenge, promised since 2019, has almost arrived and we can't wait to welcome our teams to the event, all 179 of them.

Each team, each individual has a great event and a great weekend in front of them. Year after year the Cumbrian Challenge tests our participants shapes them and their teams and rewards them for their efforts, both the physical and the fundraising. In addition, we know that the long wait and the pandemic have tested and affected us all. Walking With The Wounded has had to work in new and innovative ways to support our Veterans and their families who have been hit hard by the past 18 months. Be in no doubt that your fundraising and your efforts have helped to enable that. We look forward to celebrating your contribution this weekend in Cumbria on the hills and in the event village afterwards.

So now it's down to your final checks: Warm weather kit? Check. Wet weather kit? Check! Although hopefully not necessary! A compass and a nominated map reader in the team? Check, check! Make sure you check, double-check and then check once more for good luck that you have everything you need to make your time out on the hills as enjoyable as possible. Bring some sugary snacks (Haribo or Jelly Babies are my personal favourite) and plenty of water. Make sure you have a good pair of hiking boots or walking trainers and a thick pair of walking or woolly socks. If you normally use walking poles then bring them along too. Anything and everything to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible through the challenge. Don’t overpack your bag either, don’t forget that you’ve got to carry it around the course!

Bringing the event back to its purpose – keep working on bringing your team fundraising up too. We’re seeing some astonishing numbers being put through, with 6 teams not just raising over £2,000 but smashing through £3,000 too. It's humbling to see the pride and passion that our supporters – that YOU put into fundraising for us. Every penny, every pound that you raise makes a difference. Every small step makes a big difference. You are enabling us to be there for those Veterans and their families that we support, wherever and whenever we’re needed. Thank you for that and keep going to your target to help us to continue to be there.

Enjoy this year’s Cumbrian Challenge.

James, WWTW Events Manager.