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WWTW team heads out to Jordon to trek the Wadi Rum

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic on event fundraising has been the curtailment or outright cancellation of overseas charity challenges. An ever popular staple of the charity calendar, these routinely attract huge audiences and command impressive fundraising numbers year after year – and Walking With The Wounded are no exception.

This Saturday, WWTW Events Manager, James Davis, will join 11 intrepid Fundraisers on a flight out to Jordan, with the group led by one of WWTW's most generous supporters over the years, Alverne Bolitho. Alverne, James and the team will be taking on a 100km trek in the epic landscape of Wadi Rum, the Jordanian desert that has been used as a backdrop to so many films, including The Martian and Dune. The team are not under any illusion that this will be a quick stroll on the sand dunes. Walking in up to 30-degree heat they will be covering approximately 25km a day for 4 days, including an ascent of Um Dami, Jordan’s highest mountain at 1,854m.

James shares his thoughts on why events like this are important. He said, "For me, it's quite simple. The events we put on are meant to be a challenge. To push people to their limits and to go that extra mile to raise awareness, support and funds for Walking With The Wounded. This will be up there with some of the hardest things we’ve ever done, in some of the most alien surroundings on earth. But also the most beautiful and the evocative. We will walk further, climb higher and breathe deeper in such surroundings. We’ll do so knowing that every pound the group raises is making a massive difference to the veterans and their loved ones that the charity supports. I’m looking forward to sharing those experiences with the group and from our early chats on the WhatsApp group we’re in for a merry time! Its often quoted that ‘It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves’. We will conquer this mountain, this desert, this experience together. The challenge awaits…

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