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Wadi Rum diaries

Hear from the team as they trek the final few days across the Wadi Rum in Jordan

Day 3- Hear from the team taking on the Wadi Rum. 

'Wadi Rum is the star of the show, keep your head up and enjoy the scenery' - Jonny Criswell

'Wake up excited, get to camp in the evening thoroughly exhausted...and repeat. But it's worth it, worth every moment for the sense of achievement' John Wigram

'One of the most atmospheric places I've ever been into in the world entirely lived up to its reputation, it would be madness to have missed this opportunity.' Alverne Bolitho

'Alverne told me this wouldn't require any wrong he was! Apart from some crying on the mountain...' Will Hellier

'A fabulous experience, brilliantly organised and all for a great cause.' Peter Bristowe

'A unique and inspiring expedition into a stunningly beautiful part of the world' Ian MacGuffog 

'Fabulous experience, brilliant fun but seriously challenging and very well organised. And secondly...It's all been like a bad dream and I'm never doing it again.' Simon Townsend

'Adored the camps and the night skies, a real highlight, shame about the company' Rosebie & Murph Morton

'Absolutely fantastic, an excellent cause with a great support team, also loved the food and a great challenge, thoroughly recommend it to anyone.' Nikki Sykes

'Wadi rum is an extraordinary place, majestic scenery, and a very inspiring trip.' Richard Cotton

'Great hospitality, very atmospheric desert surroundings and a really energetic group who've dealt well with the physical challenge in the desert sand, they've shown determination in the face of adversity.' Jonny Miller, Tribal Tracks

What a trek, what a team, what a challenge. This has been a very difficult trek to do but so rewarding. The fundraising has been brilliant with more still to come and the team are certainly working for it now. Really proud of their achievements, both in the UK and out here. Onto the last day... James Davis

Onto day four and the final day's trek...

Day 4:

Today marked the end of the Wadi Rum challenge of 2021. Twelve started, twelve finished. We crossed 100km of desert, led brilliantly by our in-country guides and our Tribal Tracks leader Jonnie. From the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, made famous by Lawrence of Arabia in the First World War, down to Umm An Dami and back. Today we had the pleasure of visiting the world-famous UNESCO heritage site of Petra. 

Roughly 25km a day for four long hot days. Temperatures averaged around 25 degrees during the day under a fierce desert sun before crashing at night, revealing the grandeur of the Milky Way. Although perfectly fine for our needs, our camps were basic and it was with a real sense of relief that we got into the final camp last night, this time a permanent camp. We had baths, lights, and flushing toilets...revelling in the luxury! 

In summary, it has been a real challenge. As it should be. Those we support cross their own deserts, conquer their own challenges every day. This trek has been our way of saluting them. Of pushing our own boundaries so that WWTW can be there when our Veterans are at their limits and need our support. 

The group has raised over £17.500 so far. A phenomenal effort with more to come. The sense of achievement they have is huge and over the past few days, they've sweated every mile. Our participants will go home with sore feet but glad hearts.

Every small step they've taken will make a big difference to many lives.