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Coping during the Festive season

The Christmas season seems to start earlier every year with the ongoing expectation that it should be a time of joy and happiness along with all the trappings that go with the occasion.

Not everyone is able to live up to these expectations and it can put pressure on your wellbeing, particularly as we are now uncertain about the coming weeks and the new covid variant.  It can be a time of great sadness, anxiety and stress for many people and can be overwhelming if you are already struggling daily.   Feelings of isolation and loneliness can be magnified at this time – financial pressures and family conflict can often be the reality.

Tips for dealing with the Christmas period

Money concerns

This time of the year can be very expensive and if you do have money worries, set a budget, and stick to it and plan ways to reduce spending.  Find some low-cost ways of having fun.

Family tensions

You may not get along with family members and Christmas is unlikely to rectify this.  Don’t be misled by social media posts depicting the perfect family get-togethers.  Set realistic expectations, plan how you will manage any conflict or anxiety.  Think about Christmas as a day for the children if you have them and put aside family spats.  Keep an eye on what you drink – it may be tempting but drinking too much will contribute to stress and anxiety.  Avoid triggers and take a break if things become heated. 


Connect with friends and family – online or by phone just to check-in.  You could volunteer at a local charity and make a positive contribution to others.  Plan in advance of Christmas day to avoid feeling depressed. 

Remember to stay healthy in the run-up to Christmas – eat well, exercise and get as much restful sleep as possible.  If you don’t have a family get-together to attend, just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!