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 - Cumbrian Challenge 2018 - Sprint finish for Walking With The Wounded's charity walk in the Lake DistrictInjured servicemen charity - Royal British Legion

The Cumbrian Challenge Countdown

Glen Pilkington, WWTW’s longest Cumbrian Challenge supporter, shares his most memorable highlights from past events and talks about why he’s been going back to Grasmere year and year and why you should join him this year.

Why do you support Walking With The Wounded? 

As a charity, Walking with the Wounded has clear and relatable objectives and goals. 

Working within HR, I can fully relate to the need to support people who may require assistance with employment opportunities, mental health support and where needed, emergency assistance. 

There are many charities out there doing great things. When I first heard about WWTW, I liked that it was a ’smaller’ charity. I also like the fact that you get to know the team from WWTW through the event. It does feel like you are part of a family. 

The WWTW team appreciate the support and make you feel part of something bigger. 


How many Cumbrian Challenge events have you taken part in and, what keeps drawing you back to Grasmere? 

Apart from one event (due to Covid), I have participated in every Cumbrian Challenge.

The event allows me to offer valuable support to a charity that I strongly believe in and combine my passion for the outdoors - especially having grown up very close to Cumbria.

How would you describe the Cumbrian Challenge?

Well, it certainly is a challenge! However, it’s a challenge built around fun and mutual support. You get to meet some great people at the event.

Do you have a most memorable Cumbrian Challenge year? If so, why? 

It takes place in Cumbria so you can experience all of the seasons in one day. I certainly remember the rain and wind in 2017. During the 2017 event, I gave someone a spare pair of dry socks whilst out in the fells as they had encountered some problems. 

At the event in 2018, I was tapped on the shoulder and asked, ‘do you remember me?’. It turned out it was the guy I had given the socks to, and he had bought a new pair in the hope he would see me at the 2018 event. 

This story sums up the event - support, friendship, and kindness.

Do you have any top tips or advice for someone signing up to take part? 

If you are in any doubt, just sign-up. 

You do need to be hill fit but, I have to admit it is one of the highlights of each year for me. 

It presents the perfect opportunity to get out on the fells with your team and meet some fantastic people on the way.

The fundraising can seem daunting but plan it and, it will happen. There are so many ways to raise donations.


Finally, which route are you taking on this year and, what made you choose that route? 

Due to ongoing Covid issues, I may not be able to participate again this year. If I can’t take part, I will be there supporting the WWTW team. The accommodation is already booked!