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Joe Cox is taking on WWTW’s Longest Day Challenge

From tomorrow, Joe Cox, Detachment Commander of the 13 Company Southwest London Army Cadet Force, will take on WWTW’s Longest Day Challenge along with the Army Cadets to raise vital funds to support those who served.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Colour Sergeant Cox from 136 Prince of Wales Royal Regiment, part of Thirteen Company South West London Army Cadet Force.

I lived in South East Asia for 25 years where I worked with the Royal Thai police and the Royal Thai Army training their working dogs in detection work.

What inspired you to support Walking With The Wounded and take on the Longest Day Challenge?

I joined the ACF around 6 years ago, I wanted to give back and support my community, especially the youngsters, teaching them life skills, self-discipline and working within a team. 

I have always believed in supporting our Armed Forces in any manner I can, for example, I did a Gurkha curry night which raised £5,000 for the Royal British Legion and the Gurkha Welfare Fund. I'm a firm believer in supporting organisations like Walking With The Wounded. The charity has fantastic ethics and supports our veterans and their families. 

Can you tell us more about your challenge? Do you have anyone joining you?

The Longest Day Challenge for me is about finding the time to put in the mileage every day between working, running a home and everyday routines. I will find this more challenging than just doing x amount of miles at one time. 

I challenged everybody in 13 Company to walk 5 miles a day throughout June and on Armed Forces Day, we are planning to complete a marathon between all 7 detachments.

How are you training for your Longest Day Challenge?

I have been walking daily as part of my training for this wonderful event which will hopefully keep me in good shape.

A Commanding Officer joined us for this challenge. Whilst she is on holiday in June, she plans to walk the cruise ship every day for 5 miles a day and has already started promoting it through the company she has booked a holiday with.

How can people support your challenge?

I have encouraged our Cadets to get sponsored by friends and family. It is important to encourage young people to participate in physical activity and mental stimulation. My challenge to the Cadets (to commit 5 miles a day) will be very demanding for them to show personal commitment.

If you would like to donate to our Longest Day challenge,please follow this link.