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Louis Alexander’s Mount Blanc Longest Day Challenge

This month, WWTW Community Ambassador, Louis, will climb Mount Blanc to support WWTW's Longest Day Challenge

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Louis Alexander, I’m a 22-year-old adventurer with a focus on endurance challenges and supporting important causes along the way. This year so far, I have completed 17 marathons in 17 consecutive days, and earlier in May, I was part of a team who successfully rowed the busiest shipping lane in the world: the English Channel!

My passion for adventure all started when I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa at 19 years old, with no prior mountaineering or altitude experience. The mountain changed everything for me, and from there, my hobby for endurance sports continued: into ultra-marathons and other disciplines. At the end of last year, I made the decision to drop everything else and pursue adventure full-time, as a career, and I’m very fortunate to have found the support very early on to make this all possible!

What inspired you to support Walking With The Wounded and take on the Longest Day Challenge?

I started supporting WWTW back in 2020, with my most recent challenge for the charity being in August 2021 when I climbed Pen y Fan, the tallest mountain in South Wales, 10 times non-stop whilst wearing a 10kg weighted vest. It was an epic challenge that took 18 hours and 47 minutes in the end, with predictable weather (horizontal rain) that the Brecon Beacons never fails to deliver! 

Last year the team at WWTW very kindly asked if I would like to become a Community Ambassador, which I humbly accepted, and to play my small part in this year’s Longest Day challenge, I will be attempting to climb the tallest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe: Mont Blanc!

Can you tell us more about your challenge? Do you have anyone joining you?

Mont Blanc stands at 4,809m and is going to require a combination of fitness, the ability to work at altitude and some more technical skills with the use of crampons and ice axes. It will be a 7-day expedition, with the plan to climb Gran Paradiso, a mountain in Italy, as part of our acclimatisation! 

How are you training for your Longest Day Challenge?

I’m now in a very fortunate position to be doing this full-time thanks to the support of my sponsors, so I’m training at the moment 5 days a week. The training depends on what challenge I have coming up, whether it be running, rowing or another discipline. With preparation for Mont Blanc, it’s been a balance of strength training and long cardio sessions.

Since the 17 marathons, I have also started dedicating a huge amount of time to my recovery. The Body Lab in London look after all my recovery and having access to facilities such as a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Cryotherapy has been a game-changer for me and is now with the hope I will be embarking on these different adventures and endurance challenges for years to come, my recovery is just as important to me as the effort and training I put into training. 

How can people support your challenge? 

If anyone would like to donate to my climb for Walking With The Wounded, donations of all sizes are hugely appreciated: 

I would also like to encourage anyone who is looking for a challenge and wanting to support a worthwhile cause to go for it, and get involved in The Longest Day this year. We can all play a small part in making a big difference.

Thank you to my sponsors Thomas Franks and The Body Lab for their continued support, and best of luck to all those supporting WWTW this June!