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A day in the life of Cal - WWTW's North West Administrator

Over the next few months, we're going to introduce you to some of the team members behind Walking With The Wounded.

Cal, how would you describe your role at WWTW?

In a word? Varied! ‘Operations Administrator’ only covers a portion of what I do – I also assist the fundraising team, handle social media for the North West, and represent my colleagues at our Employee Forum, alongside developing an Environmental Initiative for the charity. No two days are the same, and I am never bored.

What does an average day look like to you?

It is hard to describe an ‘average’ day at WWTW, the job itself and the days vary so much. Regardless of what is on the to-do list for the day, phone calls and emails from clients or new referrals are always the most important and are a top priority. I will spend some time scheduling social media content, running administrative duties, collecting and reporting data, and supporting the wider team with all kinds of different tasks. There may be some fundraising, a volunteering event, or assisting clients with their grocery shopping – there is never a dull moment.

What's the biggest challenge?

I would probably say fundraising. I try to get involved with whatever fundraising event I can, but I do find it quite difficult to approach people for donations; it can be awkward to ask people for money. It’s helpful to remind ourselves that we’re not asking for our personal benefit, we’re asking for the service users that rely on our support.

If you could change one thing about support for veterans, what would it be?

I would make support more accessible. I think that WWTW does an incredible job of supporting veterans, but we are a small charity and sadly do not have the capacity to help every veteran who has fallen on hard times, much as we wish we could. If I could, I would make it so that WWTW were available everywhere, so that we could help as many people as possible.

What's your proudest moment in this role?

My proudest moment so far happened on a Friday before a bank holiday weekend. My caseworker colleagues were on annual leave, and a former client contacted our office in distress because their house had been in a fire and they, their family, and their dog had nowhere to stay. Quickly, I made contact with multiple members of the wider team, including colleagues in the North East and the South, to get advice. After approaching several hotels to find one suitable for the family and their pet, I was able to book a room for them to see them through until their house was safe to return to.

WWTW funded this hotel stay, and the client was so grateful for our help. It meant that the family could be safe and sound and worry-free while they waited for their home to become habitable again.

What would you like to achieve in this role in the future?

I would love to become more involved with the clients. I enjoy interacting with them and helping them along their journey. It is incredibly rewarding to see how far many of our clients have come since receiving our support.