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The 40th Anniversary of the Falkland War

With the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War, we remember those members of the Armed Forces who lost their lives defending the island.

We also acknowledge those who returned home, some who are no longer with us and many who have been left with the legacy of war and conflict.  The memories and consequences of the Falklands War have had far reaching effects. WWTW are here to support all ex-servicemen and women.

Significant dates and anniversaries can trigger unpleasant and unwanted memories and many veterans may struggle to manage these memories and feelings.  Here are some tips for managing anxiety during these times and beyond.

1.   Preparation is helpful – Planning your time during this period and discussing concerns with friends and family could be helpful so that they can support you. Being open about how you’re struggling may be cathartic and it can help others to appreciate what is happening to you. 

2.     Images on the TV may trigger strong feelings and difficult memories causing distress.  This is a normal reaction, and the feeling will eventually pass.

3.      If you are experiencing vivid memories, there are ways of grounding yourself.  For example, a powerful way to calm the body is to use your breath and ensure that your outbreaths are long and slow and hopefully this will calm your nervous system. This technique can be used to calm yourself during a panic attack and help to reduce your anxiety.

For more useful mental health tips, visit our mental health toolkit.

If you would like to find ways to raise money and support WWTW and those who served, take a look at our Fundraising page. 

This month (June) you can also sign-up for our Longest Day challenge. Find out more, here.