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 - Paul Moffat

The Longest Day Challenge – Meet Paul.

Later this month, Paul will take on the hills in the Peak District as part of WWTW’s Longest Day Challenge. Find out what inspired him to sign-up to the challenge and how you can support him.

1. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Paul Moffat, I have spent 16 years in the Armed Forces, and I now work as a Senior Trade Unionist. I have two children, one working and one at University.  I live in North Bedfordshire not far from Northampton. I’m keen on physical fitness and supporting Armed Forces personnel and their families. 


2. What inspired you to support Walking With The Wounded and take on the Longest Day Challenge?

I suffer from PTSD and depression and have had to learn through therapy to try and control this via techniques and medication. I have also had a double hip replacement due to wear and tear. I have found physical exercise helps with my mental health. Once I found out about Walking With The Wounded and the good work it does for ex-forces personnel and their families (both with mental and physical conditions, as well as supporting those leaving the military to adjust, cope and find employment along with other great work the charity does), I was hooked and had to complete the challenge to raise vital funds to continue the essential work of the Charity.


3. Can you tell us more about your challenge? Do you have anyone joining you?

We will be heading up to the Peak District on Friday 24th June 2022.

I will be walking the main High Peak in the Derbyshire Peak District where I grew up, on the longest day and on the Saturday covering Black Hill, Bleakow and Kinder downfall, which is around 28 miles.

On Sunday 26th I will tackle Wooler Knoll, Loose Hill, Hollins Cross & Mam Tor, which is around 24 miles. There will be a couple of others doing the challenge.


4. How are you training for your Longest Day Challenge?

I am training for the challenge with a spin session of HIIT cardio each day with an instructor in Dubai, Kayleigh Cohen every day. Also, weight training and walking every day with one rest day per week. 


5. How can people support your challenge?

People can support my challenge by supporting and understanding the charity and making a donation, if possible, to my GivePenny link.


I know money is tight for many at present however every donation no matter how small will go a long way to help the charity and ex-forces personnel and their families.


Also, keep supporting the charity and looking out for and taking part in other challenges or making a supportive donation directly to the charity to sustain the great work it does.

Sign-up and take on your own Longest Day Challenge.