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WWTW Supports The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust supports the Armed Forces Covenant by delivering funding programmes that create real change to Armed Forces communities across the UK.

At WWTW, we are very proud to be supported by them, their funding enables us to deliver a number of essential and impactful programmes for the Veteran community and their families.

One such programme that The Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund supports is Head Start, our mental health programme. Over the last year, demand for the programme has increased and we want to extend our support so that partners and families are more resilient and able to cope.  Mental health issues impact not just the individual but their entire family. Through the generous funding of The Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund, we are providing psycho-education sessions for partners to learn more about the mental health issues affecting their family members and to explore strategies for coping and supporting them more effectively.

The groups are run by a specialist High Intensity accredited CBT therapist/Registered Nurse (Mental Health) and a military veteran. They are also bespoke to veterans’ families and subject to funding, those experiencing low-level anxiety and depression will have the option to go on and receive individual therapy.

We know that this type of approach can be hugely beneficial for spouses and families, and this was especially true for Kerry who took part in our Pilot Programme for Family Carers in July 2019. She said:

‘My Head Start Therapist had a really calming effect and gave off such good vibes. We talked, she listened, and she really understood what I was dealing with. She taught me how to understand what my husband was going through and encouraged us to use different techniques to communicate. Getting the right help and advice from a professional was invaluable.’

Thanks again to The Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund, an invaluable ongoing supporter of our work. Without them, we could not do with work we do in helping the Veteran community and their families get back on their feet again.