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The Paisley Brothers taking on the Great North Run

In September, runners from across the UK will take on the Great North Run on behalf of Walking With The Wounded, including the Paisley brothers.

We caught up with Alan Paisley to find out why he and his siblings have decided to run together and how they have been training for one of the UK’s most iconic half marathons.

In total, 5 brothers will run together, 4 of whom have served in the Armed Forces. They have each served on numerous Operational Tours including The Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Balkans and have witnessed at first-hand some of the issues brought about from service life both personally and within their friends’ network.


1.      What inspired you to run the Great North Run with your siblings? 

The Great North Run is not only an iconic event held in arguably the best part of the country but also due to the location it has a family link for us all.


2.      Why have you chosen to support Walking With The Wounded?

We are all truly inspired by the charity and what it does, especially because four of us that are running have all served in the Army. Although nobody ever truly understands what a beneficiary of WWTW is really going through, we can only do what we can to try and help.


3.      How have you been training for the half marathon? 

Truthfully, No. I have not run many miles since completing last year’s GNR so I won’t be expecting a personal best but I know I can complete the distance.


4.      What pushes you onward when you ‘hit the wall’?

Our bodies are a weird but wonderful thing and can go through so much, many runs or highly demanding physical activities send me on an emotional rollercoaster and I quite often relate to the Disney Film "inside out" because I will pass through several different emotions from the highs due to the atmosphere of the fantastic crowd to the lows of tiredness and pain but remind myself of why I am doing this for an amazing charity in aid of helping its beneficiaries improve their situation.


5.      How can people support your fundraising?

By going to our just giving page, reading our story, and sharing it with their networks who may not even know us. But it's not about us, after all, it's about raising vital funds and raising awareness of the amazing WWTW.

If they can donate, then all donations will be greatly appreciated. Please follow this link.