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New Year's Message

Happy New Year from Walking With The Wounded

Everyone at Walking With The Wounded would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.
Thanks to all our amazing fundraisers we have been able to support the most vulnerable veterans in 2017.  As a result of your generosity we have been able to continue to support these individuals, not just those with physical and mental injuries, but those who find themselves without a home, who are socially isolated or who are caught up within the Criminal Justice System. These veterans are often difficult to locate, difficult to provide for, and too often ignored. But we believe they are nonetheless deserving of the gratitude and thanks of our country. We believe they deserve their independence, for them and their families to be secure. At the core of that is having a career, a job in which they are able to thrive, using the skills they developed in the Armed Forces.

On behalf of us all, THANK YOU for your continued support.