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 - Images from the Balmoral Challenge held in 2017 by Walking with the Wounded - Veterans mental health charity

9 Reasons to put your best foot forward at the Balmoral Challenge!

Here's why you should be joining us at Her Majesty The Queen's Balmoral Castle this June.

Step up for our Armed Forces community this summer and join us for the Balmoral Challenge. We're descending on Her Majesty The Queen's stunning Balmoral Castle and Estate for the second year running this June. Take on the wee Cairn Chaser to explore the forests above the castle. If you're after an orienteering adventure, how many checkpoints can you collect before time runs out in The Prince's Stone? Or perhaps you'll take on the Triple Crown, a 30km race back to the castle over 3 Munros, starting from a secret drop-off location. There's a challenge for all abilities and at the heart of it all, a brilliant cause. Hear more from those who joined us at the inaugural event last year...

  1.  “The WWTW challenge at Balmoral was humbling, challenging, eye opening, inspiring and brilliant. Personal milestones were reached by individuals who took part, however, recognition of the sacrifices our forces personnel have made was never far from our minds. The opportunity to help get veterans back into work, back into communities and back into a proud, contributory and happy way of life was to good to miss.......bring on next year.” Anonymous participant.
  2. “What an experience, beautiful Balmoral Estate is a sight to behold and to drive through the gates is quite special. I have never walked so far in my life and am very proud of myself and my team for what we achieved that day.... wish we could do it again next week! To have met some of the beneficiaries of the charity was an honour. I’m so glad I was part of this event.” Maria, Stirling Council.
  3. “Absolutely brilliant event; very well organised but still a wild adventure, we will certainly be back next year!” Mike, Artemis.
  4. "We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges." Eddie, RFEA The Forces Employment Charity.
  5. “People join the military realising (but not expecting) that there is the risk of physical injury and even death - but they probably don't consider the possibility of developing a serious mental illness. Our wounded deserve the right support for these life changing, but hidden, issues. That's why I supported WWTW and the Balmoral Challenge. In the event I experienced 8 hours of extreme personal challenge; our wounded experience years - and sometimes a lifetime. Supporting them in this way was an easy choice to make.” Andrew, Fujitsu.
  6. “The Balmoral event was brilliant, the supporters, organisers, all eventers and location magnificent. Just a fantastic experience and with such a deserving cause, one that makes me proud to have attended.” Val.
  7. “Wanted a challenge to focus on and train for - with some mates. This ticked all boxes and is for a cracking cause. Great weekend away!” Anonymous participant.
  8. “The experience of being in Balmoral and walking through Her Majesty’s gardens and estate is one I will enjoy forever. A genuinely phenomenal experience and meeting individuals and companies that are supporting WWTW makes me feel not forgotten about and supported to reach my goals. I would like to express my thanks to WWTW, its funders and my employment advisor for the positive encouragement and support.” Glasgow beneficiary.
  9. “This experience has without a doubt impacted very positively on our veterans who attended. The guys are more motivated and feel proud to have done their part in taking part in this event as well as supporting other veterans. It has also reminded them about the skills they used in the military such as teamwork, planning and communication skills. Having the chance to meet new people and share stories with other veterans and people who work for organisations who support WWTW goals, gave them hope and encouragement. This has prompted the beneficiaries to start to really think about their futures in a new way. They seem happier and even more determined to take the next step towards independence and gain a home and to gain sustainable employment or engage in education.” William, WWTW Employment Advisor (Glasgow & Dundee).

Reserve your place today! Click here to visit the Balmoral Challenge webpage or give us a call on 01263 863 902.

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