What is IPS?

IPS supports people with mental health difficulties into employment. It involves intensive, individual support, a rapid job search followed by placement in paid employment, and time-unlimited in-work support for both the employee and the employer.

There is now overwhelming international evidence that IPS is much more effective than traditional approaches (such as vocational training) in successfully getting people into work.

The EQOLISE project compared IPS with services in six European countries, and concluded that IPS clients were twice as likely to gain employment (55% v. 28%) and worked for significantly longer and individuals who gained employment had reduced hospitalisation.

Evidence has shown that getting people into paid employment:

- Minimises the harmful effects of long term sickness absence

- Improves quality of life and wellbeing

- Leads to better health outcome

- Promotes recovery and aids rehabilitation

IPS principles:

IPS is based on eight principles:

1. It is open to all those who express an interest in work

2. Employment services are integrated with mental health treatment services

3. Competitive employment is the goal

4. Benefits counselling is provided

5. The job search starts soon after the individual expresses an interest

6. It finds jobs consistent with people’s interests and preferences

7. Employment specialists develop relationships with employers based on their client’s preferences

8. Employment support is time unlimited; providing support to both employee and employer once employment is secured

IPS support for those who have served

Walking With The Wounded’s IPS ex-forces service combines the IPS way of working with specialist armed forces knowledge. We currently have IPS Employment Advisors in Manchester, London, the West Midlands and Essex.

If you would like to refer a service user to us, or hear more about the service please contact: employment@wwtw.org.uk

To find out more about IPS please click here.

Our expeditions are undertaken by wounded veterans and non wounded veterans. Charity work by wlakimng with the wounded help veterans back into employment