Support Care Coordination

Support Care Coordination provides highly individual support, tailored to the client. The challenges our clients face can be complex. Each client's needs and experience are different; some have left service suddenly or are particularly vulnerable upon discharge, and others have challenges that may have been manifesting for a number of years.  

“Imagine you are taking a veteran up a mountain. For one, the aim would be to get to the top, for another it would be to get exercise, for another fresh air, and another just wants to be with nature. The aim is different for everyone”. WWTW VLSO

Support Care Coordination relies on staff's ability to be intuitive and responsive to their clients, foster strong relationships with other services and organisations and to bridge gaps where needed. Typical challenges faced by our clients include; mental health conditions, gaining and sustaining employment, resolving debt problems, accessing benefits and services, relationship challenges with families & friends, issues with housing, physical rehabilitation needs, loneliness and isolation, alcohol or drug abuse, low educational attainment or qualifications, low confidence, low sense of self-esteem & low sense of self-worth.


  • Clients have tools to better manage their mental health- they know their triggers, have healthier coping strategies and know where to seek support
  • Clients know how to prioritise in order to make addressing their challenges seem more manageable  
  • Clients have increased self-confidence to speak about their problems, advocate for themselves and make positive choices for themselves  
  • Clients know how to access services and navigate bureaucratic processes 
  • Clients have trust restored in services to deliver support 
  • Clients have a reduction in stress or worry associated with their challenges (be it debt, housing, relationships etc)  

Ultimately the impact is that our clients believe change is possible and & have a sense of self-worth. They are empowered to act independently and make positive choices. They can enjoy life and make positive contributions to their communities. 

If you would like to make a referral for Care Coordination support please complete this form 

Please note that this service is not yet nationwide. 

"Despite everything that has happened, we have come through it and we are stronger and happier as a result."- Billy and Ali. 

Combat Stress effects the majority of veterans, wounded or otherwise.